Home Chic Home: What is Yard Art Girls?
Michelle Evans-Reynolds, Owner of Yard Art Girls: Yard Art Girls is a local business that provides people with signs and decorations for their yards for special occasions, from weddings and birth announcements to birthdays, even promposals, we have a sign for every occasion.

Home Chic Home: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Evans-Reynolds: We got inspired by our youngest Yard Art Girl, Sydney, and her up coming 16th birthday. We knew we wanted to do something special for her, and once we found yard art, we thought “how fun would it be to bring this to other people for their special moments!”

Home Chic Home: Who’s behind Yard Art Girls?
Evans-Reynolds: We are a mother and daughter team, Michelle and her two daughters Taylor and Sydney.

Home Chic Home: What type of yard art do you create?
Evans-Reynolds: We are just starting our business but we can create almost anything that people ask for! Some of our most popular ones have been for birthdays and graduations, but we’ve also gotten to be a part of some really exciting moments like a wedding and some really crazy ones like some friends “yard bombing” each other with wacky signs this summer.

Home Chic Home: What do you enjoy the most about what you do?
Evans-Reynolds: We love creating and sharing special moments with the people we design for. Setting up a sign for a surprise birthday or getting to share a sweet moment with a bride and groom and their on their wedding day are moments that make this fun job even more special!

Home Chic Home: How far do you travel to create yard art?
Evans-Reynolds: Right now we’re only located on the east side of Cincinnati.

Home Chic Home: What makes Yard Art Girls unique?
Evans-Reynolds: Right now there really isn’t another place in our area like Yard Art Girls, especially not a local business! We also like to consider ourselves unique to be a mother and daughter team. We love working together as a family and we love getting to bring something special to every yard we visit.

Home Chic Home: Is there anything new on the horizon?
Evans-Reynolds: This is all very new to us since we just created our business this spring! While we can only imagine things will continue to grow and change, right now we are super happy with where we are at and are looking forward to what we’ve started and watching it blossom.

Home Chic Home: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Evans-Reynolds: Readers can find more information by following us on Facebook and following us on Instagram.